Seasons of the Christian Church: We are in the season Pentecost

Twelve(12)- Eighteen(18) Sundays from and including the Day of Pentecost to and including the last Sunday in August.

BACKGROUND: With roots in the Hebrew Feast of weeks, this season comes fifty days after the Resurrection. The DAY OF PENTECOST is the birthday of the Church and the day that God's Spirit came to dwell in our midst as Jesus had foretold.


THEME: The birth of the Church, the cleansing and renewing power of the Holy Spirit.

Because of Jesus, we can receive what was only available to prophets, priests, and kings-the indelling of the Holy Spirit. His fire convicts us that we are hopeles, helpless, sinners, convinces us that there is hope and help in believing on the Name of Jesus, comforts us, as believeers, in the trials and tribulations of this life.