Seasons of the Christian Church: We are in the season of Epiphany

Epiphany-Five(5) to eight (8) Sundays from January 6 to the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.  

BACKGROUND: Celebrated since the second century, this was the second season of the Church after Eastertide. pagans celebrated the birth of Aeon on the winter solstice of Assia Minor and Egypt, january 6th. In the west the Day of Ephipany emphasized the visit to the Christ Child. Christ Child is used because the Magi did not come to the manager. They came to a "house" which means at least a year had passed since the Birth Of Christ.

Epiphany is Greek and means "appearing'-to visibly manifest a hidden deity. The God-Man revealed Our God to us.  This is when we sing, talk And preach about the star and the Wise Men.    There were angels and shepherds on the night of Jesus' birth.
 Wise men and the star came later.

The season of Epiphany points to the ways God shines his light on the darkness of the human experience, our selfishness, confusion, bigotry and the like.  

COLOR: Green    
THEME: God manifesting Himself, His True Nature, to all the peoples of the earth.

No longer is God to be seen as the harsh Ruler of the Universe for through His Son He makes it known that He has LOVE.